repainting garage roller door

Homeowners in Hobart and surrounding areas, create street appeal and save thousands by recolouring your old garage door.

Why replace your faded, oxidised aluminium garage door or roller door when you can restore it instead… for a fraction of the cost? Recolouring your garage door will create a stunning finish and save you time, inconvenience, and money.

Is your aluminium garage door or roller door looking tired, faded, or suffering the effects of oxidation? Do you want to renovate your home to live in or sell? Does your discoloured garage door take away from the street appeal of your home? Are you thinking your only option is to replace the garage door?

There is an alternative that can create a more attractive finish to your home, while saving you thousands on your home improvements or renovations.


If you’re a homeowner in Hobart or surrounding areas, you now have a better (and much cheaper) way to bring new life to your old garage door or roller door.

Instead of replacing it – recolour and restore it instead!

Why recolour?

Are you renovating your home but don’t know how to spruce up the old garage door? Is it still working fine, but just looking a bit tired and faded? You might be thinking you need to replace the whole garage door.

You don’t!

Have you ever wondered; can you paint over an old aluminium garage door?

You can!

If your house is looking great, but the old aluminium roller door has become ‘chalky-looking’ over time. This happens through oxidation as it’s exposed to the elements. If the door is working fine, even if the joinery has become corroded, there is no need to replace it. A new garage door will cost you thousands… so why replace it when there is still plenty of life left in it?

Recolouring is a fast, easy, and economical solution that will give your home an instant facelift.

Garage Door Repainting

Professional aluminium recolouring and restoration is based on automotive quality spraying techniques to create an immaculate finish in matte, gloss, or satin to match your décor.

Replacing your garage door in the Hobart areas can be expensive. With recolouring, your faded, oxidised old aluminium door can look as good as new – or even better – for a lot less than the cost of replacing!

You might be planning to modernise the property for yourself or renovate it for sale. Either way, why spend loads of time and big money replacing your garage doors when you can create a stunning finish and add to the street appeal of your home with recolouring?

A bit about us

Our motto is “You name it, we spray it!”

SprayTech Aus services are now available in the Greater Hobart area of Tasmania. Our business is built on the back of a decade of experience in automotive refinishing. We apply many of the same techniques to garage door recolouring and repainting and have become renowned for our quality workmanship.

Our highly skilled team of qualified, licensed sprayers pride ourselves on providing professional restoration and repair of your aluminium garage door or roller door in the Hobart area for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

You don’t even need to leave the house. Just continue working while we spray – no mess, no fuss!

SprayTech Aus is now the top-rated choice for aluminium recolouring and repair in Hobart and surrounding areas That’s something we are very proud of.

SprayTech Aus Van
10 Year Warranty

Aluminium recolouring is long-lasting. We guarantee it.

All SprayTech Aus aluminium repainting services come with a ten-year warranty.

We stand by our quality workmanship so you can have peace of mind. It’s our guarantee to you. We have built our reputation in Hobart by providing a high-quality service at a competitive price.

We’d love to help you

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One final word on DIY

You may be tempted to hand paint your garage door or give that old roller door a quick respray yourself. Please don’t!

We know from experience it will look awful. Then you’ll either be stuck with a dodgy door that your potential buyer will spot straight away, or you’ll be calling us to come and fix it.

Save yourself the time and money and call us first. We’ll come and check it out and give you a quote.

SprayTech Aus has you covered in Hobart and surrounding areas.

SprayTech Aus services are now available in the Greater Hobart area of Tasmania including Sandy Bay, Bachman’s Bay, Kingston, Lindisfarne, Bridgewater, Glenorchy, Birchs Bay, Huonville, Cygnet, Dover, Cambridge, Sorell, Primrose Sands, Garden Island Creek, Bruny Island, Battery Point, Tolmans Hill, Taroona and Howden.

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