The team at SprayTech Aus answers your frequently asked questions about aluminium recolouring, repainting, and repairs.

Why is repainting more cost-effective than replacing aluminium fixtures?

Manufacturing and fitting aluminium windows and doors cost more simply because they are custom made. There is a substantial cost in labour to remove your old joinery and install the new fixtures. If you cannot find an exact colour match, you may have to pay for repainting. Repainting reinforces existing fixtures and recolouring is much quicker and easier.

How much can I save by repainting instead of replacing?

On average, you can save over 66% by repainting your aluminium joinery with SprayTech Aus over replacement.

I don’t need my entire house resprayed, can you do one or two windows, for example?

Yes. We can respray or recolour as many or as few windows or doors as you choose.

My body corporate won’t approve a colour change. Can you respray the inside of my windows?

Yes – we can respray your internal aluminium fixtures if your body corporate is unwilling to approve exterior alterations.

What colour or finish can I choose?

As we say, “you name it, we spray it.” When we touch-up or repair your joinery, we use innovative colour matching techniques, blending seamlessly with your current fixtures and décor.

When conducting complete aluminium recolouring, you can choose any colour you like as well as matte, satin, or gloss finishes.

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Is the paint you use safe?

Absolutely. We use top rated, non-toxic paint that is non-harmful and friendly for both people and environment.

I just need a scratch touched up, can you do that?

Yes, we can touch up scratches, dings, or weathering.

Can you repair rollers or tracks?

Yes, we repair worn rollers, tracks, flyscreens, mesh, hinges and other types of aluminium joinery.

I need to run my business or use my home while you paint. Is this possible?

Yes, as we use low pressure, non-toxic paint, we can recolour or respray your aluminium joinery while you work or go about your day inside your home or office.

Do you repaint other fixtures apart from windows or doors?

Yes, we repaint or recolour all types of aluminium and joinery including ranch sliders, louvre windows, awnings, double-hung windows, garage doors, pool fencing, colourbond fencing, and almost all aluminium based fixtures. Not sure?

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